Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wow, that was quick...

It seemed like we had all this time before we had to leave Guam, and now it's less than 12 hours, where did the time go? This week has been a real roller coaster. We checked into the hotel Wednesday, and that made it real that we were close to leaving. It's totally bittersweet, we've really enjoyed our time here and met so many caring and loving people, but it's also been a very long time since we've seen our family. Friday was Dave's Commissioning ceremony, which all went terrifically. It was great to see both our church family and our military family in the audience, and fellowshipping during the reception. It was both exciting and sad, we're starting a new chapter in our lives, and as always there's that part that's scared and wants to hang on tight to things it's used to. Of course throughout the reception there were all kinds of conversations that choked me up and made me cry. Then last night we went to the Southard's for dinner and trick or treating. It was great to spend a last evening with friends, but sad as it came to an end, the nice part is that they'll be in San Diego in a few months, so we'll see eachother again soon. We ran into the Gills while out and of course saying goodbye again made me cry again, but Kerrie will be at the airport in the morning, so there will be more tears. A lot of our church family said that they will also be at the airport tomorrow, so it really should be quite the tearfest. There are so many people who have made our time on Guam so great, our military friends Fischer's, Gill's, Southard's, Sweeney's thank you all for your friendship and until we meet again. Thank you to our entire church family at Agana Heights Baptist Church, thank you for loving us and making us feel so at home and allowing us to serve the Lord beside you, until we are together in heaven.

To our families, I know San Diego is still far from home, but at least we'll be on the same side of the world, same continent, and able to talk on the phone at "normal" times.

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