Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some projects I've finished recently

Where does the time go?

Another week gone and I don't know where it went. Monday evening was Hannah and Elijah's first gymnastics class and they absolutely loved it. Tuesday I was feeling a little crazy and went to Curves in the morning, after that I went to the base pool to do water aerobics. What was I thinking? When it came time to wlk the stairs to get the kids at school in the afternoon, my legs were like jelly. Wednesday morning was groceries, ick. That afternoon Caitlynn had her second dance class, and she's really loving it. She's taking a hip hop and jazz class and she's picking it up pretty quickly. Thursday morning was another 3 hours of Girl Scout training. Thank goodness we didn't have anything Thursday afternoon cause I didn't have the evergy to do anything. Yesterday I spen 2 hours at Ross finding a dress for the Khaki Ball next weekend. Last night was the first AWANA meeting. Dave has all day leader trining for Cub Scouts today so the kids and I are just hanging sround the house trying to get it in order. The kids rooms seriously need to be cleaned so that's what they'll be doing after breakfast. I've already got a load of laundry going and another ready to do when that's done.

Friday, September 07, 2007


I don't know why but this week has really tired me out. It hasn't been a particularly bad week, maybe I'm still getting used to the school schedule. Monday of course was Labor Day so no school. Dave had duty that day so the kids and I didn't really do anything much. We watched movies and played outside. I honestly don't remember what I did Tuesday while they were at school, couldn't have been anything big. Wednesday I went to Curves then to lunch with Michelle and Sam. We went to Tony Roma's and then walked around the mall, I had a nice time. Michelle and Sam always make me laugh soo much. Then Wednesday evening I had a Girl Scout Leader meeting, did I forget to mention that? My friend Jennetta and I are going to be the leaders for a Junior troop for Caitlynn and her oldest daughter. I still have some more training to do this month before we can get started, but it should be a fun year. Yesterday I had to go to the hospital to pick up some prescriptions and on the way home I stopped at one of the beaches so I could take a photo of the old governor's palace. Here's a color and sepia version of it. I need to go back and take more photos, I didn't have my telephoto lens with me. I just remembered what Tuesday was, Elijah's follow up on his lip. The dentist said it's healing fantastically and that the only concern was he might have to have a root canal in the future on the tooth that he pushed back into the gum. Not much going on during the day today, I have to get some cleaning done before the kids are home all weekend and destroy it. Tonight is the Cub Scout pack meeting. Elijah will be bridging up to the next level which is Wolf. I still can't believe my little babies are in second grade. Don't tell them I called them babies or they'd have a fit!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

New layouts

Kerrie and I scrapped last night for the first time in months, it was good to be able to scrap together again. Here are the two projects I did last night.

September Projects

My September kit is up for sale at Here's a few projects I made with it.

First week of school

WOW, what a week. Monday was their first day back and everything went great until about 5 pm. We were out playing at the playground behind our house and Elijah fell from the equipment, I have never heard anyone scream the way he screamed when he fell. I knew from that scream he was hurt bad. It was so loud that people came out of their houses to see what happened. By the time I got to him his mouth was filled with blood and it was all over him. I carried him home and cleaned him up and saw that his bottom lip was split really bad. So off we go to the ER, most of the bleeding has stopped by the time we get there. When they examined him his bottom lip was split by his bottom teeth, his top teeth had punctured the outside of his bottom lip, all four of his front permanent teeth were loose, one of his top teeth had been pushed back into the gum and his gums on top had been cut. In the ER they totally freaked me out, they have him morphine and told me he would have to have oral surgery that would last at least 1 1/2 hours. When the dentist saw him he said he probably didn't even need stitches, but gave him 8 since he was there. The biggest worry is that the tooth that was pushed in may have hurt the nerve and he may need a root canal in the future. Needless to say Elijah stayed home with me on the second day of school. At home that night Elijah scared us some more and ran a fever of 104 and puked everywhere for 3 hours, then he was fine.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, thank goodness.They all seem to like their new teachers. Elijah has Mrs. Borja, Hannah has Mrs. Masteller and Caitlynn has Mrs. Cahill. 4th grade is definitely going to be very different for Caitlynn, it's the first weekend and she already has about 1 hour of homework to finish before Tuesday.