Saturday, September 01, 2007

First week of school

WOW, what a week. Monday was their first day back and everything went great until about 5 pm. We were out playing at the playground behind our house and Elijah fell from the equipment, I have never heard anyone scream the way he screamed when he fell. I knew from that scream he was hurt bad. It was so loud that people came out of their houses to see what happened. By the time I got to him his mouth was filled with blood and it was all over him. I carried him home and cleaned him up and saw that his bottom lip was split really bad. So off we go to the ER, most of the bleeding has stopped by the time we get there. When they examined him his bottom lip was split by his bottom teeth, his top teeth had punctured the outside of his bottom lip, all four of his front permanent teeth were loose, one of his top teeth had been pushed back into the gum and his gums on top had been cut. In the ER they totally freaked me out, they have him morphine and told me he would have to have oral surgery that would last at least 1 1/2 hours. When the dentist saw him he said he probably didn't even need stitches, but gave him 8 since he was there. The biggest worry is that the tooth that was pushed in may have hurt the nerve and he may need a root canal in the future. Needless to say Elijah stayed home with me on the second day of school. At home that night Elijah scared us some more and ran a fever of 104 and puked everywhere for 3 hours, then he was fine.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, thank goodness.They all seem to like their new teachers. Elijah has Mrs. Borja, Hannah has Mrs. Masteller and Caitlynn has Mrs. Cahill. 4th grade is definitely going to be very different for Caitlynn, it's the first weekend and she already has about 1 hour of homework to finish before Tuesday.

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