Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is it really almost October?

Wow, I just haven't been in a writing mood lately. The whole family except Hannah was sick last week. We were lucky enough to have not 1 but 2 different sicknesses go through the house in a week. We had some kind of crazy stomach bug, there was no fever just immense pain just below the breast bone and other tummy troubles. We also had some kind of head and chest cold go through. So needless to say we were pretty much out of commission for a while. But we all seem to be doing much better now.

Last night was Open House at the school. It was really nice to go and hear good things about all 3 children. The last couple of years there have been issues within days of the kid starting, hitting etc. I was actually quite shocked to hear from Elijah's teacher that he is quiet in class. Any other time of the day he is constantly talking whether about video games or something else.

The kids really enjoyed showing Dave and I around their classrooms. I took a few photos, so when I get them downloaded I'll upload them here.

Let's see, other news. My bestest friend Cheri is expecting her first child and found out last week it's going to be a boy, how exciting. I all ready did a little bit of shopping. If you're reading this, I'm sooooo sorry for not calling you back, but as I'm sure you read, the illnesses were in abundance last week. I'll try to catch you in the next few days.

Dave's Dad Jim is in the hospital right now, so he needs your prayers. Please pray for the family and doctors too. When Dave last talked to his brother and sister they were in the process of giving him another 2 pints of blood to try and raise his hemoglobin levels. I'm hoping it went as expected.

My mom is in the process of getting her passport and a plane ticket to come out and visit us. I can't tell you all how excited I am. I really miss her, well all my family, but you know how it is she's my mommy, even if I'm 30 hehe. I also really want her to see all the beautiful things I've been trying to describe to her for the last 1 1/2 years. Photos don't do any justice to the beauty of this island.

Today is Brownie Girl Scouts for the girls, it'll be their first real meeting. Hannah is so excited because she's never been to one before. She was so excited after Brownie camp this summer, so she should have a blast. This is Caitlynn's second year, so she know what to expect, but she's still looking forward to it. Of course Briana is there, so how could Caitlynn not want to go?

Tomorrow Evening Elijah has Cub Scouts. I'm not sure what I expected from him in regards to this, maybe his normal couldn't care less if it's not a video game attitude, but I was way wrong. He absolutely LOVES meetings, he loves being able to play with a big group of boys, unlike the land of precious he's used to here at home. Plus it's something he and Dave can do together. Did I ever mention Dave was huge into scouting when he was younger? He was real high in the Boy Scouts, the level just before eagle Scout, I'll have to ask him again what it was. Then as a young man he worked at both his local Boy Scout Camp and the Girl Scout Camp. So I'm not sure who was more excited when the first meeting rolled around, Dave or Elijah.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday's challenge

I know it's barely Tuesday stateside, but it's almost time for the kids to get out of school here. So I went ahead and uploaded my layout for today. Here it is: Today's challenge was to use 3 or more photos on a layout. I ended up using 5 because I loved these hotos of Elijah and Ciara.

I've been an awful blogger

But I've been so busy scrapping and reorgainizing my little closet I just haven't had time. The biggest thing I've been working on are my entries for the Scrap That Moment design team tryouts. I really love the way they've put this together. One of the hardest things for me when submitting for design teams is deciding which layouts to submit. I never know what they're looking for so I just pick a few and hope for the best. Well STM issued 5 challenges, one for every day this week, so we're all kinda starting out even, and we know exactly what they're looking for. Here's a link for my Monday submission called You Two. The challenge for today was to create a layout chowcasing your handwriting. I really had a lot of fun with this one and did some things that're really our of the box for me.