Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I've been seriously lacking in the blogging department lately, but that's the story of my life. I do great and keep caught up for a while then something sidetracks me and it's all out the window. I can't believe summer is almost done, only 5 more days until the kids go back to school. This has honestly been our best summer yet, not because we did anything terribly exciting besides our trip to Saipan, just because the kids are growing up and hanging out with them is much more fun lately! Until this last year they have totally drained me throughout the day and I'm running on fumes when Dave gets home from school. But I guess they really are growing into little people who don't need me as much anymore, which is kind of sad, but also very liberating. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids very much, but I get tired VERY easy, so not having to wait on them hand and foot has helped me be a much happier mommy.

Our trip to Saipan earlier this month was fantastic, again we didn't do much but sit by the pool and relax, but that was the point wasn't it? It was a relaxing vacation, which we don't usually do. When we went to Japan and Hong Kong we were constantly busy sightseeing, which was great I wanted to see everything knowing I'll probably never get the chance again. But when we got home I was just as tired if not more tired then before we left. When we returned from Saipan I was rested, recharged and ready for the rest of the summer and school year to come. I committed the first cardinal sin of photography and forgot my battery charger for my camera, so by day 2 it was ready to die. Of course there wasn't a place on the island that carried my battery charger, so I didn't get most of the photos that I wanted, but that's ok. I have the memories and that's what really counts. Of course I'd rather have the memories and the photos! I saw a gorgeous bird the morning we were leaving, it was white with turquoise colored wings, absolutely amazing. The kids had a blast playing at kids club, of course Hannah and Elijah wanted to go everyday and Caitlynn didn't want to go at all, so we compromised and they went every other day for half a day, which was nice cause Dave and I could just hand out together, something that doesn't happen too often. As a family we played mini golf everyday, practicing for the big championship we held on Friday. Dave won, big surprise lol, and that entitled him to choosing what restaurant we ate ant for dinner and a window seat on the plane going home. We also played a lot of Foosball, ping pong and Jenga. We were lucky, even though it's rainy season it didn't rain as much as it could have. The rain was really only bad one day, but there was plenty to do indoors. All in all it was a good trip, I still hate those little puddle jumper planes but for the 35 minute flight I can handle it.

I'm almost done with my photography class, only a week left. I've learned quite a bit and am very happy Dave talked me into signing up. Now I have to decide what my next course will be. I've been scrapping again lately which is good, cause I had a dry spell for a while.