Friday, May 30, 2008

It's official

We are definitely going to New Hampshire. Now the only question is when. Dates keep moving around. We may actually have to go to San Diego first for a while ant then onto New Hampshire. Of course we want to go straight to NH, but it's not up to us, it's in the Navy's hands. I really don't care either way anymore, I just want to know when we're moving so I can start planning.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Angry Elijah

I'm not sure what's going on lately but Elijah has been easily angered lately. Now don't misunderstand me, this is NOTHING like when he was taking the Concerta. Maybe a better word for it is frustrated not angry. Things have been really up in the air for him lately. He's being pulled out of class all the time for testing so that the school can determine what services he needs and we can get his IEP done. This is a good thing and needs to be done, but it's a disruption to his schedule, which is a major stressor for him. On top of this, he missed 4 days of school because he was sick, and Dave's away right now, so all in all he's just having an awful time. He raises his voice to me when I try to get him to stay on task, becomes more repetitive in his behaviors and generally has even less of an ability to focus than normal. I'm hoping that this really is due to stress and not a new behavior because one of the best things about Elijah is his sweet personality.

Happy almost Birthday Caitlynn

I can't believe my baby will be 10 in a week, how crazy is that? We had Caitlynn's birthday party this past weekend for a few reasons. Dave has basically missed almost all of Caitlynn's Birthdays but 3 because of deployment, so we scheduled her party early so he could be here and it still didn't work, they changed the day he left and he still missed it. Another reason is that two of Caitlynn's friends are moving this Saturday and she absolutely wanted them to be at her party. Thank goodness that one at least worked out, well almost, poor Kaci was sick and had to leave early.

We gave Caitlynn her gift, a Nintendo DS, before Dave left. Normally we'd wait until her real birthday to give her it, but a friend of ours bought her a game for it, so we had to give it to her before the party. I'm not sure who's more addicted to the silly thing, Caitlynn, Elijah or me. I definitely see a few more of these things finding their way into our home soon.

The party was at the bowling alley and it was very nice. I was worried because I was really sick that day, and was afraid it was going to turn into a total disaster. I forgot how easy 4th grade girls can be when they want to. I was basically just there to pay. They did everything else and it was great. This is the first party Caitlynn's had away from the house in 3 years and it was great. Her last 3 parties have been sleepovers which of course demand a LOT more from me, so this was totally low key and perfect since I was sick.

Blackout from hell

Ok, so anyone who's live in Guam knows we have power outages ALL the time, but this last one tops them all! The power went off at 10pm on Sunday and it didn't come back on until almost 11pm Monday. Yup 25 hours with no power. The best part? It only affected about 30 houses. So of course we lost all the food in our fridges and freezers. The one good thing about everyone being sick lately is that I hadn't had a chance to go grocery shopping and we only had about 1/2 as much stuff as usual. It still was enough to fill 3 1/2 trash bags though. Poor Caitlynn had to come grocery shopping with me today since she was home sick from school, she felt so crappy, but we literally had no food in the fridge. The biggest kicker, when I called for an update after the kids went to sleep they told me the Navy would pay for us to stay the night in a hotel. Like I was going to wake them back up, pack in the dark and drag them to a hotel, oh well.


The kids and I have been battling this terrible virus for what seems like forever now. Elijah and Hannah were each able to go to school one day last week. The rest they spent at home. They ran fevers for 6 days, which baffled the doctor. The weirdest thing was on the last day they got leg pains so bad they could barely walk. I thought it was because of lack of food, since Elijah barely ate anything all week, but Hannah ate pretty well and still got the cramps. This was a new one for me, I've never seen leg pain with a virus.

Poor Caitlynn woke up sick this morning. She came down stairs and told me her head hurt in a way it never had before and that it felt like she was shaking her head all around, or wobbly as she put it. Sure enough she had a fever and a one way ticket to a day off from school. I feel bad for her though, we absolutely HAD to go grocery shopping today because of the power outage this weekend, which I'll write about in my next post.