Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy almost Birthday Caitlynn

I can't believe my baby will be 10 in a week, how crazy is that? We had Caitlynn's birthday party this past weekend for a few reasons. Dave has basically missed almost all of Caitlynn's Birthdays but 3 because of deployment, so we scheduled her party early so he could be here and it still didn't work, they changed the day he left and he still missed it. Another reason is that two of Caitlynn's friends are moving this Saturday and she absolutely wanted them to be at her party. Thank goodness that one at least worked out, well almost, poor Kaci was sick and had to leave early.

We gave Caitlynn her gift, a Nintendo DS, before Dave left. Normally we'd wait until her real birthday to give her it, but a friend of ours bought her a game for it, so we had to give it to her before the party. I'm not sure who's more addicted to the silly thing, Caitlynn, Elijah or me. I definitely see a few more of these things finding their way into our home soon.

The party was at the bowling alley and it was very nice. I was worried because I was really sick that day, and was afraid it was going to turn into a total disaster. I forgot how easy 4th grade girls can be when they want to. I was basically just there to pay. They did everything else and it was great. This is the first party Caitlynn's had away from the house in 3 years and it was great. Her last 3 parties have been sleepovers which of course demand a LOT more from me, so this was totally low key and perfect since I was sick.

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