Thursday, September 24, 2009

Long time no see

Haven't updated in a long time, honestly with everything going on I simply forgot about my blog. Since November we've moved to San Diego, CA and now to Kittery, ME. Still trying to get everything settled and my house in order. I have the best intentions every morning of getting things done, but they just never seem to get done. Between phone calls to doctors, dealing with schools, insurance companies and all the other fun little things that distract me I'm not getting much accomplished.

The kids seem to be adjusting well to Maine and their new school. Caitlynn had her 1st Cross Country meet yesterday at Fort Foster. I thinks she did excellent but of course she won't agree. She's competitive and a perfectionist so finishing in the bottom half didn't make her happy. I wish she'd take into account that she's only in 6th grade and never done this before. It probably doesn't help that's she's a pretty small 6th grader, and it's all the 6-8th grade girls competing together. But like I said, she'll never be happy unless she's top 3. Elijah's doing well, actually making a few friends and talking about having friends over. All normal stuff for a 9 year old boy, but all stuff that he's never really had. Was so excited to see him at the meet yesterday talking to the other boys horsing around and the other kids not shunning him, hopefully this means all the therapy etc is actually helping. Hannah is her usually bubbly self and makes friends wherever she goes. She had a blast using my old Rebel XT and taking photos at the meet. She's taking a Hip Hop class at the Rec. Dept. and LOVING it, so fits her personality!

I took a morning a week or so ago to finally get out and practice my photography, more than I can say for the last 10 months or so, so that was nice. There's definitely no shortage of places to photograph here, now to just find the time. It's been so long since we've lived in the Northeast, forgot how beautiful the Fall colors are.

Tomorrow is Elijah's IEP meeting with the new school, I have a really good feeling about it. Hope it goes as well as I'm thinking it will.