Thursday, March 05, 2009

How is it March already?

I know time flies, but honestly, I can't believe it's March. So much has been going on. We finally got Elijah's IEP hammered out with the school, but I still can't get any kind of communication from them. I just have to remind myself that we only have 4 more months, then it's on to another state and another school. I was able to get Elijah enrolled in the Tricare ECHO program and he had his first session of ABA today. That went pretty well, though he was crying when his tutor had to leave because he didn't get to watch him play a computer game. He's going to get 2 hours of therapy a day 5 days a week, so 10 hours a week. They would prefer to work with him at school so they can see what goes on in his learning environment, and see him in social situations, but San Diego Unified School District doesn't want to let them in. It's really a shame, because while he is getting services through the school, it's still not enough. He really needs a part time one-to-one aid, but I was told he couldn't have one because they're in a hiring freeze. It's really sad that this solution to the situation is available but they won't let it happen.

Caitlynn is doing well in school as usual. She just had to give an oral report on Monday about Florence Nightingale, which she got an A on. I sewed her an apron this weekend to go with her costume, she looked sooooooo cute. I can't believe it, but at 10 years old Caitlynn has been asked on her first date. Her friend Connor who she walks home from school with everyday asked her to go to Baskin Robbins for ice scream. She told me he did a happy dance when she said yes, how cute. My baby is growing up, and way too fast for me. I made sure to remind her that she won't go on a "real" date until she's much older. She's so excited though, she was planning what clothes to wear, what color to paint her nails etc. She also has a new student in her class that lives in our neighborhood so now she has two friends nearby.

Hannah is having a hard time right now. It's hard to be the middle child, and the average child but that's what she is. She does a lot of things to try to get more attention, which I try really hard to give evenly to all my kids, but Hannah seems to require more than the other two. She's doing really well in school, she always aces her spelling tests and does well in all her subjects. Hannah has always been a good reader, but never really found any books that peaked her interest, until now. She has started reading Series of Unfortunate Events, and absolutely loves them. I'm very proud of her because she's finished the first book and moved on to the second. These are the longest books she's ever read and stuck with the whole way through. I'm glad we have the first seven books already. I have a feeling we'll have to buy the rest soon, but I have no problem with that, I'm just glad she's found a series of books she likes.

What else.....Dave and the kids bought Rockband2 and love to rock out together. It's so funny 'cause after dinner he'll announce that he's "getting the band back together" and they all scramble to help him set it up so they can play. We went to Legoland about a month ago, which was a blast. We ended up buying annual passes so we can go whenever we want. The kids go to school year round, so they have the month of April off of school, plenty of time to go visit Legoland. The Southard's were in town not too long ago, so we got to visit with them. We all went to Sea World and then to Dave & Busters for dinner with them and Cassie, Johnnie and Cassie's mom. It was a good day, but definitely not long enough :(