Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blackout from hell

Ok, so anyone who's live in Guam knows we have power outages ALL the time, but this last one tops them all! The power went off at 10pm on Sunday and it didn't come back on until almost 11pm Monday. Yup 25 hours with no power. The best part? It only affected about 30 houses. So of course we lost all the food in our fridges and freezers. The one good thing about everyone being sick lately is that I hadn't had a chance to go grocery shopping and we only had about 1/2 as much stuff as usual. It still was enough to fill 3 1/2 trash bags though. Poor Caitlynn had to come grocery shopping with me today since she was home sick from school, she felt so crappy, but we literally had no food in the fridge. The biggest kicker, when I called for an update after the kids went to sleep they told me the Navy would pay for us to stay the night in a hotel. Like I was going to wake them back up, pack in the dark and drag them to a hotel, oh well.

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