Friday, September 07, 2007


I don't know why but this week has really tired me out. It hasn't been a particularly bad week, maybe I'm still getting used to the school schedule. Monday of course was Labor Day so no school. Dave had duty that day so the kids and I didn't really do anything much. We watched movies and played outside. I honestly don't remember what I did Tuesday while they were at school, couldn't have been anything big. Wednesday I went to Curves then to lunch with Michelle and Sam. We went to Tony Roma's and then walked around the mall, I had a nice time. Michelle and Sam always make me laugh soo much. Then Wednesday evening I had a Girl Scout Leader meeting, did I forget to mention that? My friend Jennetta and I are going to be the leaders for a Junior troop for Caitlynn and her oldest daughter. I still have some more training to do this month before we can get started, but it should be a fun year. Yesterday I had to go to the hospital to pick up some prescriptions and on the way home I stopped at one of the beaches so I could take a photo of the old governor's palace. Here's a color and sepia version of it. I need to go back and take more photos, I didn't have my telephoto lens with me. I just remembered what Tuesday was, Elijah's follow up on his lip. The dentist said it's healing fantastically and that the only concern was he might have to have a root canal in the future on the tooth that he pushed back into the gum. Not much going on during the day today, I have to get some cleaning done before the kids are home all weekend and destroy it. Tonight is the Cub Scout pack meeting. Elijah will be bridging up to the next level which is Wolf. I still can't believe my little babies are in second grade. Don't tell them I called them babies or they'd have a fit!

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