Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break

What a great week.  We did a whole lot of nothing.  We did spend and afternoon at the beach with the Fischer's which we really enjoyed.  Normally when we go to the beach the kids are done after about 2 hours.  When we went this week we spent 6 hours there, so that tells you how much fun they were having.  We spent the weekend at PIC and had a blast.  Elijah, he who seldom sleeps past 6:30am, had to be woken up at 8:30 this morning, and he still complained he was tired!  We went and saw the dinner show there for the first time, and it was great, I think Caitlynn enjoyed it the most.  I took a ton of pictures, hopefully some of them are good.  We'll see when I upload them from my camera tomorrow.  

Tomorrow is back to the real world of waking up early, which I'm not looking forward to :(  But I am looking forward to a nice nap tomorrow afternoon while the kids are at school!

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