Friday, February 08, 2008

Right direction?

I forgot to update after Dr. day. Elijah's primary care provider has been a fantastic help to us this year on our journey. She agreed wholeheartedly with us that Navy Medical just wasn't meeting his needs and gave us a referal to a Dr. out in town. What a relief! Our first choice was Dr. Bellis he came very highly reccommended, unfortunately because he's so good he's also so busy he's not accepting new patients. His office reccommended Dr. Taimanglo. We saw her for the first time yesterday morning and I'm fully convinced she's God's answer to our prayers. She started he career as a teacher for 13 years, then went back to school and is now a psychologist, even better she's a liscensed school psycologist. So she knows both sides of the issue. Not only can she work with Elijah, she also knows what the school is required to do to help us, what paperwork they have to make available to us etc.

I went in yesterday with the decision that I wasn't going to tell here what I thought was going on, kind of here's what I think prove me right or wrong. I wanted to hear what her conclusion was just based on what we told her. Dave and I gave her a lot of background, things that have went on in the last few years, the lack of formal testing etc. And she looks at me and says, well have you looked into Autism? I said I had, but that not everything described him. Then she asked what about Aspergers? Which of course is the conclusion I had come to with all my research. It was so nice to finally have someone really really listen to us and not make us out as parents who just want something to be wrong with their child. And to hear her validate what I've bben thinking this whole time was very refresshing. She was incredulous that all through this whole thing, there has been nothing more than a little time watching him in class two years ago, never any formal testing. To make a long story short, she'll be testing him in a couple of weeks. Sometimes it amazes me that this whole fight can drag out for so long then suddenly the wheels are in motion and things are happening rapidly. Then the Dr. thought I was upset that there might be something wrong with him. I kind of laughted, because I was very emotional, like I always am, but never have I been upset or not wanting to admit that Elijah has issues. I've fought for this child his own life to make him healthy etc, my anger is that it has taken this long to find him the help he needs. I was angry that so many people will gloss over the probelma nd not try to help. I was also angry about parents who deny diagnosis or help for their kids because they can't admit that their child isn't "perfect". What these parents don't realize is that God makes every single one of us, and all of us are perfect, just because someone's brain works a little different than theirs doesn't make them any less perfect. God has huge plans for Elijah, I just know it, we just want to help him prepare himself for those plans.

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Donna-chelle said...

Happened upon your blog and just want to say that I'm glad you are finally getting the help you need for your child. Go with your gut feeling...ALWAYS! I went misdiagnosed for 1 1/2 years with what turned out to be gallstones... they treated me for an ulcer! Needless to say, the meds didn't work. Putting all of my faith into the dr. to figure out what was wrong with me was my biggest mistake. I've learned (just as you've seemed to) that just because they have the education doesn't make them right. Hang in there kiddo. It will get better for all of you soon!!!