Monday, January 28, 2008

It's doctor day

Yup, I get to go argue with some more doctors about my son. Please note the air of excitement in the air, as if. I look forward to these days hoping that this time will be different, but it rarely ever is. Last time the Dr. was all ready to diagnose him PDD, but then changed his mind and was convinced it was ADD. So we gave in and let him give him the medication, which had no good side affects and basically made him miserable. He was easily angered or would cry over everything. He was yelling at me, something that really just isn't Elijah. So the first reason for todays visit is to get him off that stuff, and hopefully get a referal to a civilian Dr., I've just lost my faith in the Navy Drs. right about now. I've pushed and pushed to get this kid help for over 2 years and they fight me every step of the way. The poor kid is barely holding his head above water in school, and what happens when we get back to the states and the curriculum is harder? Well, we'll see what happens today. Any prayers would be gladly accepted.

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