Friday, June 22, 2007

She's back

My camera made it's way home early Tuesday morning and I've been taking a ton of photos since. Unfortunately our big computer is acting up so I just have a few photos here on the laptop, but I'll share them.

The baby is my friend Kerrie's 2 1/2 week old son Damian, who is just a doll. He really is such a good baby. He's one of those babies that just really doesn't cry, he just whimpers. He's not even convincing when he's hungry.

The flower is the first zinnia in my garden. Can you believe I grew this from seed? I've never had a green thumb, I kill mostly any plant I've ever had. So to have these plants that are almost to my waist is a new thing for me. There must be something in the Guam soil, because all I did was drop a couple seeds in the ground and they grew. Dave has bought me two rose plants in the last few months and they are thriving too. I'm going to be so disappointed when we go back stateside and everything I touch dies.

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Melissa H said...

so happy for you to have your camera back!!! thanks for sharing the pics of damian... kerrie is going to need them for the pressie i am making her!