Monday, June 18, 2007

Schools out for summer!

And the kids are having a blast. Their last day of school was Thursday the 14th. Thursday evening the girls had Brownies, after that a couple friends and I took all our kid out to dinner then to see Firehouse Dog at the base theater. Friday they had a birthday party to go to at the base pool and they had a great time. That evening a bunch of us from the building sat outside and chatted while the kids all played together. At one point there were 10 of them inside my neighbors house and surprisingly enough there were no fights, no one coming and whining or complaining, it was very nice. On Saturday Caitlynn had another birthday party to go to and Dave and I took Hannah and Elijah to Coldstone for some ice cream. Unfortunately after I picked Caitlynn up for the party my back started acting up. I have no idea why, but my whole upper back tightened up, it hurt to walk, stand straight, sit, basically everything. So poor Dave had a pretty lousy Father's Day because after church I spent most of the afternoon laying down. Today it doesn't hurt to walk, and just a little to stand or sit up straight, so it's getting better. It still hurts to twist which made pulling out of parking spaces very difficult today. Hopefully one more goodnight of sleep will cure it.

The girls started Brownie Day Camp today, they enjoyed it but were both exhausted when they got home. The camp runs from 9am-5pm, plus 30-40 minutes of drive time each way, so it's a very long day for them. Elijah enjoyed having me all to himself, not having to compete with his sisters for my attention. I think by about Wednesday he will be over it and miss his sisters.

Next week is VBS, which we're really excited for. The theme for this year is Waterworks Park, so each activity is named for different attractions at a water park. This year I'm doing registration instead of crafts, and then I get to fill in wherever they need me when I'm not busy.

My camera has been finished being repaired for about 4 days now, unfortunately it still hasn't shipped. Supposedly when they do ship it it'll be 2nd day Fedex, but I don't know if it takes longer to Guam or not. We'll see.

I got my first bunch or goodies from to work with and I'm so excited, can't wait to get started playing with it all. Don't forget to check out, especially is you're looking for a small forum just starting out. This place has lots of potential and I'm glad I get to watch it grow.

My wireless router is not wanting to play today, so I'm on Dave's laptop, which is driving me nuts. I don't have any of my favorite, or my photos etc. Hopefully it'll be in the mood to play nice tomorrow!

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