Saturday, May 26, 2007

What was I thinking?????????

When I told Caitlynn she could invite 7 girls to her sleepover party? She turned 9 on Monday, where has the time gone? My first baby is really growing up! A house full of 8 girls sounds pretty crazy but it went pretty well. We ha one casualty, one of her friends hit he head on the bed, but luckily it wasn't too bad and she was able to stay for the rest of the party. One other girl wasn't able to stay for the whole night because they're flying back to the states today, but Caitlynn was glad she got to come at all. For dinner I made homemade pizza for the girls. Between the 8 of them they ate almost 3 1/2 pizzas, WOW. Instead of a cake this year Caitlynn wanted them to decorate their own cupcakes, so I tinted a few different colors of icing and gave them all kinds of toppings and they had a blast. I wish I had more photos but my camera has been acting up the last week. After presents I let the girls loose with paint and my foam stamps and they decorated their own frames, while I took them one by one and took their photos and printed them out for them. Again, this would've worked so much better if the camera was working properly. When it came time to settle down the girls watched Night at the Museum and High School Musical. The first girl was asleep at about 11:30 and the last at almost 1:30am. Did I forget to mention it's not even 8am yet and they've already all eaten breakfast and been playing for a while? I have one more craft for them to do before they go home, I bought wooden door hanger for them to decorate.

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