Sunday, May 27, 2007

My poor camera :(

Well, Dave stayed up last night and called Canon when they opened at midnight our time last night and they want me to send it in for repairs. The technician walked him through a couple of things to see if he could fix it, but nothing worked, so off it goes. I'm sad because school is almost over and there's all kinds of things going on that I want pictures of. I've already missed out on getting good photos of Caitlynn's birthday and her girl scout bridging ceremony. The actual fix is supposed to be really quick, just a few days, but add in the time it takes to ship to California and back and it'll be a while. At least it doesn't have to go to the east coast, that would take forever!

So much for starting photo school this summer. At least it should be back in time to start setting up some appointments to do portraits next school year. The technician said he thinks it's the heat and humidity here that is causing the problem. Not really something I have any control over. I figure I've had it almost 2 years and it took this long to affect it, so hopefully once it's fixed, the 9 months or so we have left here won't be long enough for it to break again.

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Melissa H said...

it soiunds like Caitlynn had a wonderful birthday!! you did a great job, mum!

i have read somewhere that people living in humid conditions keep their camera in a cooler bag when it isn't in use... just a thought! i hope it isn't too long for you!