Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Caroling

The kids and I went caroling with the church last night and it was fantastic! I was worried because it didn't start until 6 and would end late, but the kids did real well, considering they go to bed at 7 usually. We visited all the homebound from our church and you could see they really enjoyed it! I'm not sure who was more blessed, I think it was probably me. The kids and I got to meet church member that we've never met before. The only thing that would've made it better was if Dave could've been there, he had duty last night. Of course we missed him, but I'd rather have him work last night instead of Christmas! Our last stop was at Sanctuary, a home for troubled teens. Of all our stops my kids really enjoyed this one the most. At the end all the teenagers were hugging them and telling them how cute they are. One young man called Elijah a little soldier and totally made his night, he thought that was so cool. Caitlynn was asking on the way home why those kids lived there and it was hard explaining it all to them, but I think she really got it, and realized what a great thing we did. By the time we got home it was about 10pm and we were all beat, as we pulled into the garage the kids were saying they wanted to go right to bed, like they had a choice hehe.
I just found this at, very cute:
Top 10 ways to make the naughty list
Not wiping your feet before coming inside when it's snowy out (glad there's no snow in Guam!)
Not bundling up like your mother tells you to when it's cold outside
Not sharing your toys with your brothers and sisters
Knocking down other people's snowmen
Making a mess and then blaming it on the dog, cat or your imaginary friend
Telling your brothers and sisters what they are getting for Christmas from Mom and Dad
Knocking over the Christmas Tree while wrestling with you brothers or sisters
Forgetting to put out carrots the reindeer with Santa's cookie's and milk. They need to eat too!
Being bad all year and then trying to "nice up" just before Christmas. Remember- Santa watches you ALL year!
Waking up early on Christmas morning to remove presents from everyone's stockings and replacing them with coal (this could be fun!)

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