Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Unexpected Guest

So Friday evening was definitely interesting. I opened the back door and went to step out onto the back patio, when something flew over my head and into the house. My first thought was bat! I so didn't want to turn around and find out what it was, but with Dave not home I had no choice but find out. When I turned around I found this little birdie on my kitchen floor, definitely better than a bat! Luckily the cat didn't see it fly in so wasn't pouncing on it yet. Just as I bend down to pick it up the cat comes around the corner and jumps at it. So the frightened bird flew all the way under the kitchen table against the wall with kitty in how pursuit. The only way I could get the cat away was to pull her by the tail, which she gave me the cold shoulder for later. Then I climb under the table and finally get my hands on the bird, I was afraid that I might break it's wing, so I didn't hold it very tight, definitely a mistake! About 3 feet from the door it got out of my hand and flew away, and we went through the whole process again. This time I held a bit tighter and took the time to take a photo before putting it outside, definitely have to scrap this event you know. Finally the birdie is safely out of the house and in a total state of shock, I put it down on my patio tabke and it was so scared it didn't move for a half hour, then it flew away like nothing happened.


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww look how sweet. That would have scared me too. Glad you saved it from the cat lol
Glad you got "that moment" so you can scrap it. Miss you

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it was just that cute little bird....things that fly tend to scare me a little! It is a cute pic. I too would consider myself an amature photographer....I looooove taking pictures.