Monday, October 09, 2006

here comes the sun...ooops, sorry it's been delayed

So after a solid week of rain I can actually see a bit of blue peeking through the clouds this morning. The kids were so surprised when we got to go to the playground for the first time in I don't know how long! Glad we went when we did because the grey skies are back with intermittent drizzle.

Sorry for no updates lately, I just haven't spent very much time online lately. You know you're been gone a while when friends from message boards start sending you where the heck are you emails lol. Not sure what my deal is, just haven't been in the mood lately. I've been seriously reevaluating my scrapping goals and trying to decide what to do, if anything at all. Sometimes I wonder if God wants me to be published or on design teams, am I trying futiley to go against His will?Should I just give up the dream and scrap only for myself? Or is He just telling me wait or keep trying? Is He teaching me that good things come to those who wait and persevere? Anyway, that's what's been going on in my mind. So I've pretty much been pushing away all the chatter for a bit to try and figure out what I'm doing. I still love you guys and will be back soon!

So, since I've taken a step back from scrapping for a while I've been working on a few other projects. I've been making Bible verse cards and name tags for the ladies fellowship at our church Friday night. I've really enjoyed using my scrapping skills for His glory. I've also been working on my Christmas cards for this year using the Paper Salon stamps Love, Love, Love these stamps! I'm considering trying to sell homemade Christmas and all occasion cards this year. Anyone need some cards hehe? And I think my coolest project of all is a canvas for my living room wall. I love how this one came together, it's all red, white and blue which totally doesn't go with my livingroom, but it's one of my fave color combos, so who cares.

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Anonymous said...

DONT GIVE UP GIRL you are an amazing scrapper. IT will come. YOu have no idea how long I have been at this.. no idea and FINALLY FINALLY im starting to come into a little taste. (not near what I desire) but just a hint. I guess the lord says OK FINE HERE have a bite so the menacing child will hush haha. You know he has to be so frustrated with us sometimes (esp ME) sometimes it is good to take a break but NOT FOR LONG cuz we will miss you I LOVE your work and you are so inspiring to others but lets not forget the main reason we do this.. ITS awesome to have goals I have mine by far LOTS of them some maybe not so attainable but realistically this is all about my baby. I want her to see how much I love her and the rest is just lucious gravy. NOTHING wrong with perfecting our skills and growing (gosh knows I have) I got me a mentor someone who is pub'd a good bit and I respect. I take the good and bad and IT WORKS. I have gotten to where I can polish and look at my pages more (what is the word Im looking for) from a manufacturers standpoint also from a publishers eye. I have a couple people I let look at my stuff and I dont take their cc to heart I KNOW they are just trying to help and they will be honest even if it hurts cuz well, I asked. BUT THAT IS WHAT I NEED. anyway... Hope this helps and I hope you continue on I LOVE your pages you are amazing girlfrined and I miss our talk on message boards STM esp. you are so loved there girlfriend!