Friday, August 04, 2006

Making Memories Masters 2007

So who got all their entries done and mailed off on time? I had plans to get mine off before we left for Tokyo, but got hung up waiting for a photo release form. I ended up having to quickly do another layout when we returned because I still hadn't gotten the release form. So I finished my layout on the 30th and had to get it printed and all mailed off on the 31st. Should've been easy right? Whatever, nothing is ever easy. I headed up to the printers first thing in the morning to have it printed, I had everything else already in the box and ready to be sent off. After sitting in their office for nearly 1/2 hour they tell me I saved the wrong file to my disk that they couldn't print it, guess that's what I get for trying to scan and save at almost midnight. So I drive all the way home, bonus they tell me I can email them the file so I don't have to go back until it's ready for pickup. So I finally picked it up at 2:30, attached all the info and sealed the box. I race down to the base post office to finally get it into the mail at almost 3:30pm on the 31st, nothing like cutting it close!

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