Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hannah's Glasses

WOW I have been a terrible blogger lately, way too much life going on to sit and write. The good news is whatever the problem was with me uploading photos is gone, thank goodness cause I had to share this photo. Hannah got her brand new glasses this afternooon, isn't she just too cute? You can't really tell in the photo but they're sassy pink barbie glasses, fitting for my sassy little girlie. She is sooooo happy to finally have them, you'd think she'd been waiting months instead of weeks. And actually they don't have the right lenses in. The correct lense on the left got broken in shipping, so the eye doctor put in a thicker lense he had in stock until her replacement comes. Perfect timing since school starts on Tuesday.

This week has been completely insane. The kids are taking part in a soccer clinir this week from 8am-11am all week. This is a perfect week since they have to get used to getting up early for next week, but the sun is really taking a lot out of them. Here's an example, Hannah and Elijah have both taken naps everyday this week they've been so wore out. They're all doing sooooo great and learning a ton of new skills. Caitlynn's age group had a scrimage today and she was the only one on her team to score a goal, the winning goal none the less. She's made a lot of new friends and is really looking forward to soccer season, this is a complete 180 from the girl who refused to play any sports last year because it was hot and she would sweat. Instead she had to sit on the sidelines being hot and sweaty at all her brother and sister's games. I don't know if she figured you can't beat em join em or what, but I'm really glad to see her having such a good time. Hannah's always been the most into sports in the family so of course she's in her element and loving every minute of it. She has no fear of being one of very few girls or being smaller than most of the kids, she gets right in there and goes after that ball. Elijah's a different story, when he's in the mood he's awesome, gets in the like a pro and is an awesome goalie. When he's not in the mood? He doesn't pay any attention, kicks up dirt and throws screming fits. Hopefully he's more on than off this season.

I've been back in workout mode too, which has been good. I need that time for myself away from everyone, especially in the summer. Not to mention it's keeping me from gaining any more weight.

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NancyJones said...

She is looking so trendy in her snazzy glasses. HOW STINKIN CUTE esp with the snaggle tooth! she is so adorable! THIS MUST BE SCRAPPED!