Tuesday, August 15, 2006

1/2 day

today was a half nice day, we were able to get out to the playground before lunch so that was great. While the kids were eating luch there was a huge clap of thunder and the sky just opened up. So we've had a 1/2 nice day. I still can't figure out why I can't upload photos straight here, looks like I'll have to make a slide show everytime I want to share photos. Any computer geniuses out there know what I'm doing wrong?


Gaspe Chick said...

Well I am no genius but I have trouble loading pics sometimes too... try changing the format to center... and you may have to try and upload a couple of times before it takes... don't ask me why it just seems to be that way?! BTW are you uploading right from your computer or are you using a hosting site? I have found it works well when uploading right from your computer...HTH

Jennie said...

You can email me if you want and I'll try to help. I have a blogger site, too, but I haven't had any trouble uploading. Just let me know :)