Saturday, November 08, 2008

So far so good

So far the kids really seem to like their new school. Caitlynn didn't realize until I told her, that her entire class was a gifted class. She kept arguing with me, but we didn't go to gifted, we didn't do any gifted things etc. I had to explain to her that everyone in her class was gifted, and her teacher was a gifted teacher, so she is in gifted all day every day. Once she understood she was really excited. She came out of school on her first day with her new friend who is also Caitlyn, spelt almost exactly the same, and they sit next to each other in class. Her new friend was so excited that I had to meet her mom, it was very cute. Hannah said she plays with a bunch of kids at the playground but doesn't know any one's name. She has a male teacher who reminds me very much of Mr. Kranz in Guam who I thought was a phenomenal teacher. She really lucked out because her class is going on a field trip on Wednesday. As usual, I don't get much feedback from Elijah, but I do know he has a very organized teacher who's really on top of things. After the first day of school she came and asked Dave a few questions because he freaked out on her when she tried to do spelling with him, which is the usual response I get for at least the first 2 days of new spelling words. And the kids are supposed to use the bathroom on their own during recess, so they don't have to go during class, he didn't remember and had to go during class. Today he said he lost his class on the way to lunch but found them quick, not sure what that means. They haven't started any of his services yet, but hopefully they will soon, I believe they have 10 school days to get everything in order. Something happened this morning that almost made me cry, as we were dropping the kids off I was debating if we stayed until Elijah got into class or hoped he could do it on his own. Just as I'm about tosay something to Dave, a little boy from Elijah's class comes and says hello to him and tells us he'll show Elijah where he needs to line up to meet the teacher. How sweet is that?

I am definitely not winning any Mom of the Year awards this week. Somehow I totally screwed up the time school let out. For some reason I thought it was 2:50, but it was really 2:10. Yeah I know, not good. So we pull up to the school at 2:25 and are wondering why all the kids are out, oops. Of course I figured it out real quick. So we look for the kids at the office, nobody knows what I'm talking about, and tell us to go check their class rooms. As we're rounding the corner to Caitlynn's classroom my cellphone stars ringing, it was Caitlynn's teacher letting us know she had all the kids. Thank goodness we updated our phone number yesterday lol.

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