Friday, January 25, 2008

Up to my ears in....

Girl Scout cookies. We ordered an extra 44 cases of cookies, on top of what the girls sold in presales, for booth sales. That's 528 extra boxes of cookies sitting in my living room, not to mention Caitlynn and Hannah's orders that haven't been delivered yet. Can you say crazy? I guess it wouldn't be so bad if we weren't in this itty bitty house. I could've done this in the Georgia house, which has the same square footage by the way, and not even noticed. That house was just much better laid out I think.

What else is new? Tonight is Tommy and Shawntelle's wedding and I'm so excited for them. The kids have been hilarious asking all kinds of off the wall questions. Like, "How come Ms. Shawntelle lives in a house by herself, if she's not married shouldn't she live with her mom?" My personal favorite was "Are they going to live together after they get married?" Nah, they just figured they'd see each other at work lol! The girls are real excited because they've never been to a wedding. Not that I have much more experience, I was of course at my own wedding, and also at my mom's when I was 12, that's it for me.

Have I mentioned that we have orders to New York? I am just so excited over that, of course because we want to go there, something will happen to change it. None of the kids remember living in Saratoga Springs, and there will be so many fantastic things to do there with them now that they're older. Not to mention going to Boston and NYC for visits. Even better, the Cartwrights will be in Baltimore, not all that far away. And of course there's my family and friends from school who will be a short 2 hours away. Who could ask for anything more?

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