Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Took the leap

I've been talking for a while about being a professional photographer and selling my photos. Well I was asked to be the photographer for Caitlynn's baseball team. So instead of having the photos printed locally I decided to set up my own e-commerce site through What I love about this is I don't have to worry about the sales end of it, I upload the photos give the parents the link to my site and they choose what photos they want, what sizes, pay who prints them and sends them directly to the customer. What I love is I don't have to deal with the money end of things until it's the profit being sent to me.

Here's the link to my baseball gallery if anyone wants to check it out

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Leigh said...

Nicole, how cool is that Shutterfly thing! What a great way to be a photographer and not deal with the icky part!