Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

You gotta love a day that you get breakfast in bed! Caitlynn scared the heck out of me, I opened my bedroom door to go downstairs, and there stood Caitlynn. Not at all what I expected. And what does she tell me? Sorry, you can't go downstairs right now, get back in bed. hehe. So I gladly complied and enjoyed a lazy bit. Then Dave and the kids came up with breakfast and presents. Elijah made the toast, Hannah the scrambled eggs and Caitlynn the tea. What more could a mom ask for? After a lazy morning I finally got out of bed and ready for church. The kids sang a beautiful song for us. At the end of church Lisa took a photo of the kids and I. The rest of the day has been nice and peaceful. Dave's got pizza cooking in the oven for us for dinner and the kids are already showered so we can play a family game after dinner.

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