Sunday, April 01, 2007

A typhoon, WHAT?

No this is not a drill we are really in the path of a typhoon, and yes it still is the dry season. Typhoon season isn't supposed to start until June, but we have a freak storm heading our way. What a way to start Sunday morning. We were five minutes from walking out the door to church when I got the call from Kerrie, thanks by the way or we would've still been getting ready. So after a quick change of plans I headed out for the grocery store instead of the commissary. Lucky for me not everyone had gotten the word yet and it wasn't getting crazy until I was in line to check out. I actually made it out of there in just under an hour, last time we were expecting a storm the line wound almost around the whole store and we were there for over two hours. Then when I got back Dave and I switched off and he went out for gas, propane and some odds and ends I forgot. Unfortunately by that time everyone else was busy preparing also so there was no propane to be found anywhere on base. We still have a bit left, hopefully enough to last until we can replenish.

I just ran our run for cover drill with the kids. Their key word is GO, if they hear me shout GO they are to go in an orderly fashion to the downstairs bathroom and close the door. The only windowless rooms in the House are our bathrooms, and they're also away from exterior walls so they're perfect safe spots. The kids did well, Caitlynn was ahead of the others and made sure they all got down safe and quickly.

Off to call mom and let her know what's going on and not to worry if she can't get a hold of us for a few days. Hopefully it'll be nothing but a lot of rain, but you never know, especially here.

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