Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Break

When planning for spring break we couldn't decide what we wanted to do. We thought about going to Palau, or Saipan and finally decided to stay here and spend a few days at the PIC. PIC has the best water park on the island I think, and it's actually cheaper to get a room for the night then to pay just for the water park which is $80 a person for a day pass. The girls' Brownie troop was planning a night stay there on Wednesday, so it really worked out well. We checked in Tuesday, hung out at the pool that evening and Wednesday until the girls were meeting at

3pm. Then it was jut Dave, Elijah and I until 3pm on Thursday. We let Elijah choose what we were going to do that day and which restaurant to eat dinner at. He chose miniature golf and jumping on the trampoline followed by dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. After dinner we went back to the pool where we saw the girls for a little bit and ended the night with a movie and dessert.

When we got the girls back Thursday we played miniature golf as a family had dinner and basically lounged around. We watched a few more movies and surprised the kids with milkshakes. Friday morning the kids went to the Kids Club, which is this awesome program the hotel has that they entertain the kids for a few hours while mom and dad get to play, and the best part of all? It's free. It was kind of crazy, when we dropped the kids off the workers at the club actually remembered the kids from when we went to Saipan 18 months ago. I didn't realize it then, but the workers switch back and forth between the two hotels every so often, so the kids already knew the people they would be spending the morning with. As always they had a blast, and Hannah actually wanted to spend the rest of the day there, but Caitlynn had baseball practice. While the kids were at the Kids Club Dave surprised me with a massage at the spa. Did I forget to mention the hotel has a full service spa on premises? We both enjoyed facials, massage and body scrubs. I've never felt so pampered in all my life! Do I have the world's best husband or what? Saturday morning we had time for a quick dip in the pool before we had to checkout and go home to get ready for Caitlynn's game. I got these photos then, the kids had a blast jumping in the pool and I had to drag them out of the pool.

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