Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

well not really, Guam is still very green and very hot, but that doesn't really matter. The tree has been up since a few days after Thanksgiving, all my favorite decorations and candles are out to help set the mood. All the hymns in Church are Christmas carols, and our family totally has the Christmas spirit. We're still trying to teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas, and they know it's a celebration of Jesus' birth, but I still don't think they really understand that's more important than the presents and other "signs of the season" Hopefully if we keep telling them it'll finally sink in one day. Hannah and Elijah's Birthday was the 10th and we had their parties this weekend. Hannah had a sleepover party with 4 girls from her class, and it was definitely an experience. Elijah had a bowling party yesterday with classmates and family friends. All in all it was a good but tiring weekend. And I've come to realize what good kids we have. You know how it is going through the day to day and it feels like your living with a bunch of heathens with no manners who you're embarrassed to take out in public, then you see some other kids and thank the Lord yours behave so well.

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