Thursday, August 10, 2006


I was complaining about the migraine? That was kids play, yesterday afternoon Hannah started suddenly running a 104.5 fever, I gave her some motrin and turned to put the medicine cup in the sink. As I'm coming back into the living room I see her try to get up real fast, sadly not fast enough, next thing I know we have projectile puke. Think Poltergeist style! But hitting the couch/rug/blankets/herself wasn't enough, she had saved some for the bathroom. Our downstairs bathroom is smaller than most closets, so she hit just about every surface in there including the walls. So I drop her in the tub while I try to rectify my livingroom and bathroom.

Luckily, that was a one time incident. She's still running a fever and doesn't feel like eating much, but she's keeping everything down, thank goodness.

Not much else going on. Talked to my uncle this morning which was nice, found out my aunt and cousin are vacationing in Mexico - insert jealous face. Then I talked to my mom for a while which was a surprise because it was almost 10pm her time and she's not usually up that late.

Since we're all pretty much stuck inside with Hannah's belly issues and Caitlynn's sore throat I decided to bake cookies with the kids. The did all the measuring and pouring and turning on the mixer. All I had to do was put them in a pan, we made bar cookies, so easy. Then I decided I wanted a good loaf of French bread, so that's currently rising for the second time with 40 minutes until cook time, mmm I can't wait.

Dave's diving tonight so I'll be doing a bit of scrapping, hopefully I'll finish my KI entry. My album already has 11 pages so there's not much more to do, just a few last pages then they need to be scanned and printed so I can send them off. 5 more days till it has to be postmarked, shouldn't be an issue.

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Jennie said...

poor babies and poor momma :(
I hope everybody's back to good health soon!